Special Events

Date Time Title
12th 8.00PM Church AGM
21st 3.30PM BBQ at Fambridge Yacht Haven
Date Time Title
29th 9.30AM Mish Mash 2018
30th 9.30AM Mish Mash 2018
31st 9.30AM Mish Mash 2018
Date Time Title
2nd 10.30AM Mish Mash Sunday
2nd 12.30PM Hog Roast at the Farm

Upcoming Talks

24 Jun AM Philippians 4:2-20
24 Jun PM Psalm 23:1-6
1 Jul AM John 13:31-14:14
1 Jul PM Psalm 27:1-14
1 Jul PM Psalm 27:1-14

Latest Audio

17 Jun AM Serving the Gospel
17 Jun PM Mission Sunday